Lamb Potjie

Potjie No: 3
Serves: 6
Cooking Time: 2 hours
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45 ml olive oil
1 kg lamb (cubed)
2 large cloves of garlic (crushed)
5 cm piece fresh ginger (grated)
2 onions (chopped)
10 ml mustard powder
10 ml ground cumin
10 ml ground coriander
2 litre hot chicken stock
250 g dried figs, halved and/or 1 packet dried apricots
Salt and milled black pepper to taste
2 juice and rind of lemons
65 ml natural yoghurt

Heat the oil in the potjie and stir-fry the meat in batches until browned.
Remove the lamb.
Stir-fry the garlic, ginger and onion in remaining oil, adding more oil if necessary, until soft.
Add the spices and fry for another minute.
Return the meat to the pot, add the stock and figs and/or apricots.
Cover and simmer for about one and a half hours until tender and done.
Flavour with lemon juice and stir in the yoghurt just before serving.
Serve with steamed vegetables and white rice.

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