Beans and Pork Shank Potjie

Potjie No: 3
Serves: 6 as a side dish
Cooking Time: 2.5 hours
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500 ml dried haricot beans
50 ml brown sugar
15 ml dry mustard
10 ml salt
Freshly ground black pepper
to taste
30 ml wine vinegar
1 bay leaf
1 pickled pork shank
1 onion stuck with 2 whole cloves

Soak beans.
After the beans have been drained, place into potjie.
Cover with cold water and bring slowly to the boil.
Cover with lid and simmer for 1 – 1.5 hours or until the beans are soft.
Add remaining ingredients, placing the pork shank and onion on top of beans. Replace lid and simmer for 1 hour or until the shank is tender.
If there is still too much liquid, increase heat and cook quickly to reduce.

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