Quick Potato Soup

Potjie No: 2
Serves: 4 – 6
Cooking Time: 1 hour
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4 rashers rindless bacon, coarsely chopped
15 ml butter
2 medium onions, chopped
6 large potatoes, cubed
500 ml chicken stock
5-10 ml salt
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
500 ml milk
5 ml prepared mustard
30 ml chopped fresh parsley
100 ml grated Cheddar cheese

Fry bacon until crisp in heated potjie.
Add butter, then onion and potato, and sauté until onion is transparent.
Add heated chicken stock, salt and pepper.
Cover with lid and simmer for 30-40 minutes or until potato is soft.
Add milk and simmer slowly for a further 10 minutes until well heated through.
The potato can be mashed with a potato masher or fork, if desired.
Stir in mustard and parsley and serve immediately.
Sprinkle with a little grated Cheddar cheese if desired.

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